Kids Classes

Paçoquinha Program

Children are able to develop countless skills through interaction, playing and having contact with each other in a playful and social way.

We propose a classes structure to be followed in all classes, in which the teacher will be able and encouraged to innovate, bringing children to the world of Portuguese in a light, fun and dynamic way.

Kids Group Classes

Days: Saturdays (16/10 to 18/12) – 10 weeks

Portuguese Class: 09:15 to 10:15 AM

Capoeira Class: 10:30 to 11:30 (Optional – to be organised with CFdB)

Where: 83-85 Little Oxford St, Collingwood

Portuguese Classes: $280 (material is provided)

Capoeira Classes: $170

Combo (both classes): $410

Teacher: Gabriel Almeida

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Children learn through interaction and a structure to be followed will help children understand what will happen at each moment of the lessons, teaching them a routine to learn Portuguese.

1- CONVERSATION – Start the class with a conversation circle in which the children will have the possibility to interact between them and the teacher, getting to know each other better, telling about their week, their family and what they like to do. (5min – 10min)

2- PLAY – Propose a game in which children can already learn a basic vocabulary such as numbers, vowels, verbs and pronouns. This moment is very important for them to lose their shyness and interact even more with colleagues and the teacher (10min)

3- READING – After the game, reading to the students a short book, with many images, so that they can relate the images to the story being told in Portuguese. After reading, discuss what they understood and make comments about it, always praising and motivating the children to speak. (10min)

4- PRACTICAL ACTIVITY – At that moment, the teacher will propose a practical activity to learn Portuguese, be it a grammatical activity, reading, writing, speaking or all of them at the same time. (25min)

5 – MUSIC – To end the class, the teacher will choose a children’s song in Portuguese and teach that song to his students. The teacher can use the same song in more than one class, if necessary. (5min-10min).


Who is the teacher?

Gabriel Almeida is Graduated in Letters, Portuguese and English, from the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas. He has been a language teacher since 2015 and has WWCC and First Aid Certificates.  He worked in early childhood and primary education while working in Brazil, as well as in language schools. Since he moved to Melbourne, he works as a Portuguese teacher for Portuguese Classes Melbourne, teaching adults and children.



Special participation from Rebeca Sodre from Livros for Kids Melbourne for storytelling time




In capoeira, kids can work in a playful way and become aware of their body and motor skills, facilitating cognitive and affective growth. Musical work differentiates capoeira from predominant intellectual work in the school environment and causes sensations different from those manifested in writing and reading. The multidisciplinary approach is very important for a total and effective understanding of a language and Capoeira can facilitate that learning. As capoeira enables a round of conversations, work of body expression, learn to play instruments and singing.

Who is Mestre Val?

Mestre Val is the first Capoeira Master to move from Brazil & settle permanently in Australia, making him a pioneer of Capoeira & Afro-Brazilian culture in Australia and worldwide. He has more than 43 years of training & dedication to Capoeira. An inspired Martial Artist, his skill is matched by few. For 36 years, he has travelled to over 57 countries around the World to perform & teach Capoeira.



Learn how to get through your trip to Brazil with confidence and get some basic conversational skills under your belt.


Learn how to speak with your partner or their family so you can communicate freely with them in Portuguese.


Keep yourself young and learn a language. Give yourself a fun challenge.


Get the basics under your belt so you can work in countries such as Brazil, Portugal, East Timor or Angola.


Learning a language can help boost your memory. So stay young with my classes!


Portuguese is the most beautiful language in the world. Fall in love with its sounds and intonations.

How much do the classes cost?

Portuguese Classes: $280 (material is provided)

Capoeira Classes: $170

Combo (both classes): $410

When are classes?

Saturdays (17/07 to 18/09)

Portuguese Class: 09:15 to 10:15
Capoeira Class: 10:30 to 11:30 (Optional – to be organised with CFdB)

How can I pay?

Payment can be made by bank transfer.

Where are your classes held?

Held at Melbourne Capoeira Group

83-85 Little Oxford Street, Collingwood VIC 3066