Gabriela Marzari

Portuguese Teacher


I’ve always had this dream to learn English well enough to live in an English-speaking country. Guess what? Currently, I’m a permanent resident of Australia. I’ve been living in Melbourne since 2016, but visited the country many times before. As a language lover, in my teenage years I decided to pursue my dreams and make this passion my career. I majored in Languages (Portuguese and English) and worked as a Portuguese teacher and an ESL teacher/lecturer (English as a Second Language) in primary schools, secondary schools (high schools) and universities for over 20 years.

I was born in a very small city in the state of Rio Grande do Sul (RS), which is the southernmost state in Brazil and borders two Spanish-speaking countries: Argentina and Uruguay. As a “gaúcha” (this is how we call people who are born in RS), I grew up seeing people travelling back and forth from these countries and started feeding my inner desire to travel around the world to learn about different cultures and meet new people while improving my language skills.

I ended up travelling to many foreign countries such as the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, Singapore, South Africa, Hong Kong, Thailand and of course Australia, where I studied ESL but also spoke a lot of Portuguese. In Australia I’ve finally had a chance to teach Portuguese to Aussie students and English to Brazilian students remotely. This is perfect! My dream of teaching both Portuguese and English at the same time has finally come true.


I have a degree in Languages (English and Portuguese) from the Federal University of Santa Maria (Brazil), a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics from the same university and a Doctoral degree (Doctorate) in Languages from the Catholic University of Pelotas (Brazil) in partnership with Monash University in Melbourne. I am currently completing my TESOL course at Kangan Institute in Melbourne.

I have been teaching Portuguese and English for more than 20 years to students at different levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) from different nationalities. I am passionate about learning and teaching languages and I make it evident during my lessons.

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